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"I originally started my studio in 2013 with a group of people who wanted to do game development, however they decided move on to different game development area. This is when I came up with the name DarkToxicGames. The name came partly from my xbox game tag as I am known as toxic. The games part came from me loving games and the dark part was added just to finish it off. I really didn't think much back then about the name being professional"

escape from earth

Escape from Earth is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer. Your endearing alien character from the Planet Zorgas normal day of delivering experimental space creatures has been turned upside down by mechanical errors on their ship. You find yourself hurling off course and you crash onto the planet Earth. You must collect coins and gems to fix your ship to return to Zorg. You will come across many of the strange and sometimes dangerous experimental creatures that have fallen from your shipas cargo. Good luck on your quest, Zorgian. This is the style of game you would sit down to play for a couple of minutes and hours can pass by playing it.

about the team

"Our team currently consists of 36+ people (and growing!), from all across the globe, working hard on this project for over a year now. We started as a tight-knit group of 10 people who all knew each other from previous projects, and soon more very talented people became interested in our game and joined the team. We are all working together to make the nightmare of Pavor a reality."

current project: pavor

"Pavor is a first-person horror adventure game set on a nightmarish island, inspired by the real life Isla de las Muñecas (Island of the Dolls). As the name implies, the island is covered with dolls of all shapes and sizes, damaged and decayed over years of exposure to the elements."