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drivhuset malmö

"Drivhuset Malmö helps students develop themselves and their business ideas by making sure people meet and providing coaching and guidance."

Drivhuset Malmö is a great place for students and other people interested in getting into the entrepreneurial and the starup world ore business. As a complete beginner in business and develop an idea, Drivhuset has helped me very much with pitching and plannign my game project Binary Sparks. Through them , I am going a pre-incubator preparing for entering/creating a real startup, leading to my very own game company. I really recommend them! 

game habitat


Game Habitat is the hub for game development in southern Sweden. Our mission is to create the best possible environment for everyone and everything related to game development.


Our community consists of over a thousand game developers, entrepreneurs, indies, freelancers, students and hobbyists based in southern Sweden and is supported and funded by our members companies, the region of Skåne and the city of Malmö.

Ive attended many of their workshops and meetups, and it has both been very nioce, open and also very informative

game habitat events:


For people who are dreaming of someday maybe starting their own game studio. Speakers from the industry share tips and tricks from their experience running and developing game companies.


We know game developers are usually busy working on their next game, but sometimes its nice to get out and meet some other people for a change. Game Developer Meetups are the best way to meet up with old and new friends and fellow game developers for a drink and a good time.


We arrange workshops and talks with our community on different subjects when the need or opportunity arises.

Minc is very much related to Game Habitat as many of the indie developers, companies and startups are active in Minc in their Game Incubator program or other incubators/events. Minc also often host some of Game Habitat's workshops and talks from various people in the industry