Tree soul kingdom

A classicAL rpg about a boy and his true destiny

A boy walks upon a hill thinking about life and the universe, curious to find out whats out there. One day he finds out he has magical powers, something that will change his life forever...


There was a land known as Anorien. Within was the Tree Soul Kingdom.The kingdom was controlled by it's kings, The Trees. The humans lived in the Eternal World and enjoyed life there..But thousand of years later, humanity went corrupt because of darkness in their hearts, and begun to fight, they were banished away by their Kings, The Trees. The humans were punished with mortal bodies and The Gate of Immortality was locked for good. The highest Tree King, The Holy Tree must now protect the Tree Soul Kingdom and the now Mortal Humans..Soon The White Magician, an experienced scientist, discovers a strange new planet in the sky. He named it The Outer World and told the Tree Kings about his discovery. The Tree Kings talks about The Outer World and will do everything to learnt about it....

job system


Choose between 6 Jobs:







Each job class can do different things, special skills only avaliable when in that job class:

Smith speciality : Forge

Bard speciality : Play Harp

Scholar speciality : Read/Study

Thief Speciality: Steal in battle, open locked doors

Mage Speciality: Obtain Magics by leveling up (don't need to buy magics)

Soldier Speciality: Use the Megaguard to protect one ally from psychical/magic damage. Can also destory thick walls.

Do certain quests to earn money. If youre a Smith you earn money by forging things, Bard , by playing harp to people/tame monsters with the harp, scholar , by reading and studying books!