other games

ghost train

My contribution for the #AsylumJam2017 - Where you were supposed to do a horror game in 48 hours! About an abandoned subway system and possessed toys!

zombies of doom

A shooter game where you have to shoot all zombies and protect the civilians.

zombies of doom 2


Space shooter game with 9 worlds and over 50 levels!

xeostar 2

Sequel to Xeostar. 7 Worlds with over 50 levels!

xeostar 3

santa christmas rush

A christmas platform game where you have to defeat the evil playing as Santa. Use poweups, snowballs and switches to fight your way through levels.


Arcade/Space-shooter game where tou have to shoot bricks in order to mark your territory.The winner is the one with the most controled territory

press it

Puzzle/arcade game where you have to bring a box to it's goal by holding in left mouse button and drag it. Level Editor included.

press it 2

Sequel to the puzzle game Press It. Now with Survival Mode included.

gravity box

Use switches and objects to alter the gravity in order to complete levels.


You control a copter and have to navigate it trough valleys and mountains without colliding with the ground etc. Level editor included.

x-copter 2

one life

Complete as many levels as possible. You only have ONE life so be careful...

neoflux snake

Sci-fi style snake game (in space). Player vs. Player and Player vs CPU.

carpzoon guardian

Heartbeating space-shooter game in side-scrolling format. Five intense levels and four difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard and deadly).

kamikaze race

An endless racing game. Get as high score as possible before you die!

escape the room

A puzzle game where you have to use your surroundings to escape a room. Inspired by similar games in the same style.

Robin Andblom 2017