september 2019

28/9 - fan contest deadline coming up!!

Soon we'll draw a winner for the make-your-own-gameobject fan contest for #onemoreexperiment_game!

DEADLINE 30 SEP. Submit your idea on our DISCORD:


Early concept art sketches of the final visual style for One More Experiment made by our concept artist Johan!

More concept art upcoming soon!

13/9 - team mate pics

Pablo is our programmer. He is from Argentina and he loves death metal and punk. We have been really bad at taking pics of our teammates, partly because we work remote from each other

Lizzy Hofe is our voice actor for Andrea. She is an american voice actor and singer-songwriter known for her voice work in multiple indie games and web series, as well as for her original music released under the name Princess Rizu on YouTube and Bandcamp

Check out her website here:

Hunter Stubenbordt is an American voice actor, he’s our voice actor for our second character, and the Voice director for #onemoreexperiment_game

7/9 - fan contest still open!

Our FAN CONTEST is still open! Create your own game object and get a chance of getting it in our game!


DEADLINE: 30th September