possible name change in actioN!

Binary Sparks MIGHT change name as were back on the early design phase. Were doing everything to make GOOD and challenging puzzles. We will keep the main mechanic but much other might change. What would you like the game to be called?

Don't feel like we're scrapping the game and starting with a new game, rather we're learning from our misstakes earlier and doing all we can to make the best puzzle game out there. Many mechanics and game elements are still fighting and its all trying hard to be a game right now.

Ive talked alot about the inconsistency of art and the heavy random mix of mechanics and elements in the game, and from experience its easier to go back to an empty moodboard and do brainstorming than trying to clean up the mess that has been, epsecially in the assets project itself. We will keep the current main mechanic of elements but we will develop these in new, and more focused , sharpened directions.

We feel its important to be honest.

Hope you understand our sutuation more

Thanks alot

Stay tuned

lessons learned

I've learnt alot during these two years of working on my startup. My most important lesson was that it's really really hard to work on your own developing a game and a studio.

I've always been open to others joining, but for some reason Ive also been to "proud" to actually admit that I need others, if not for the project planning, structuring and QA.

I think it's especially important when making a puzzle game. It takes much research to understand what makes something challenging, fun, and how to give the player options to play around with and how to learn him is essential. I think this challenge is what made me start making puzzle games so many years ago.

The relation games have to play and puzzles and the very psychology of game design is easy to ignore or forget. For this Im really happy that we today are three people in the startup.

I think these things are necessary when learning and WILL happen in the very beginning.

Im not saying I didn't do well on Binary Sparks on my own, but up until now much has been confusing and unsure, where the game is going etc.

So if you have felt confused on what the state of the game is once again; Ill say it once again:

Now with my new team mates, were back on the DESIGN PHASE trying to narrow down all the mechanics and puzzle elements, and throw away bad ones. We will try to do everything to make a cool puzzle game. Any new demos coming after this post is therefore the very first that have left the long and confusing BETA period.

We still will release the fullversion in the end of 2020!

I hope you're still on board our journey!

Thanks alot, Regards CEO Robin Andblom

summer hollidays (almost) over

Most of the team haven’t worked much during the summer, so the big new iteration of level design should start some time soon. In the meantime, I studied level design, concept art and a little more in 3D modelling.

Check out the new 3D models below, among them the Astral Sphere, very central to the storyline.

Stay tuned!

puzzle design

Im playing some other indie puzzle games to get inspiration on good puzzle design and how to focus/narrow down a solid core game mechanic. This is why I always loved trying to develop puzzle games, because its one of the biggest challenges there to actually come up with good, deep, interesting and versatile puzzles.

We'll se how the next iteration goes, but what we wish is to soon leave the very long "beta" period we really somehow did have. Good news though, we have three new internal playtesters that will do QA before every demo release! There might not be many more demos until the fullvesion release in the end of 2020.

By the way if you ever read "I" instead of "we" on our posts, don't be confused, that's just our CEO and community manager, Robin, writing from his perspective!



Thanks alot!

support us on patreoN!

Become a Patreon! We need your help!

"As a Patreon of Binary Sparks, you will get exclusive access to all new contents we will be sharing every month before it goes public, as well as secret in-game content that never will be go public. If you pledge some more, you will also get exclusive merchandise shipped directly to your adress! We can guarantee regular updates every month. All we require is a little support of at least one dollar towards our project."


Thanks alot!

before vs now (first vs new demo!)

Hi! Made a video comparing the very first alpha demo to the latest demo! Can't believe we started out two years ago!



white box level design

Im trying out some level design white boxing tools, tried out good old Google Sketchup today, and have a new test template for level 1. Hope you like it :)

trying out with new visuals

robin's canceled games from his solo-dev period

"I have been developing games for ten years now, and I have always had so much imagination and ideas that I didnt have time to fullfill them all, and now that I've made my own startup and works to start my own game studio, and works more seriously and with more people, I felt that I had to scrap these ideas. Ive learnt so much in these years anyways, most of all: dont work on your own, and also the first 5-10 games you make will suck, you tend to think to big and take all feedback personal etc. Now my studio, Ambercrown Games, are trying to develop innovative and compelling puzzle games. We're now working on Binary Sparks, a puzzle game that will make you smarter!"


the future of jeometry (earlier shapes)

Hi! So I've decided to take up the game Jeometry (earlier Shapes) as my next project, right after the fullversion release of Binary Sparks, which will be sometime in 2020. I know it sounds likea long time, but since me and my team mate now work fulltime and serious with Binary Sparks, I think it might be worth it.

In two years when Im planning on taking up this game, I will also have more skills to make it to a beautiful swipe app game. The plans would be to release for Android, PC and maybe iOS. The graphical style will be 2.5D or isometric 3D view instead of the top-down view that is in the current Windows DEMO.

If something more changes regarding this, I'll let you know! Anyways, see you in 2020. Also the game might change name again to: Bloxer!

Thanks alot!

no development streams for a while

Hi! Me and my designer is now doing alot of design and project management over at Trello, an amazing tracking tool with cards and lists. Since were back on the design phase again and trying to work out a more focused puzzle and level design, we might not do development streams for the next couple of sundays!

Sorry for this! There wont be anything to show now that we're doing paper design and brainstorming (again). Ill update when we'll start with the development streams again!

In the meantime check Robin's personal Twitch streams, he will try to do gaming streams on these sundays instead:


See you!

new demo update out!

Good evening! Now I have a new demo update avaliable (3.2.2). The design boost process is still going on, and we try to come up with how to make the puzzles even more interesting and variated, and the game design, rules and visual communications to the players more clear! Much of the updates and changes are based on feedback, so thanks for everyone playing the new demo making it possible to discover all of these details!

Now the main mechanics colorshift and element absorbition is more focused and clean, many confusing sidepuzzles are completely removed! Colorshift can now change the environment more! And the element system has now a much clearer logic! The new version also contains a first BETA version of level 7.

Demo 3.2.2 CHANGELOG:




Thanks alot!

new patch up 25 MAY!

Hi! Im releasing another visual patch of the design boost process! Me and my designer are now sorting out all inconsistencies in the game mechanics and design, so much of the level design will be remade, which is also why I will release a final visual patch of the current level design, before it might change!

OBS! Some things are new, but focus still lies on the game design and visuals to communicate the objectives to the player, so this is not an entirely new demo version! New patch is up 25 May 18.00!

Visual Patch Trailer:


back from creative coast festival

Im now back from Creative Coast Festival! Thanks to all 20 people that played Binary Sparks :D Hope you liked it!

Was awesome to see so many creative games! If its OK with you Ill post some screenshots and make some shoutout to all exhibitors on our social media!

There were also some amazing talks from Blizzard and Inte rasist men... talking about memes and how memes affect racism and society!

Thanks alot! See you next year again (?)

creative coast festival expo coming up!

My first #EXPO is coming up next week! if you happen to be in Karlshamn, Blekinge 18-19:e May come by Creative Coast Festival, talk to us and try out our game!

Plasma Source! NEW puzzle object! 

playests sessions now started!

Hi! My first PLAYTEST session at Drivhuset Malmö are in full action!! It's awesome to learn how understandable the puzzles are and get valuable feedback! Thanks everyone who tested out today :) 

new mentor meeting

Hi! Today I had another nice meeting with my mentor and we worked in one of Tarsier Studios offices! How amazing is that? :D A really nice office I have to say! Ill now start looking for a designer to enhance and focus the gameplay even more! What would you like to see happen to Binary Sparks? Shoot me any ideas!! Thanks also once again for all amazing support!!


Every sci-fi needs a #serverroom!

game developer meetup 25/4 - video

substance painter and z-brush

Hi! Im thinking about getting Substance painter and designer to make my very own textures, which is the really the only thing I dont do myself (yet). Im also thinking of getting Z-brush and a Wacom drawing pad to be able to do much more detailed 3D-scultping and modelling

This wednesday I was at another GameDev Meetup at Game Habitat Southern Sweden. Ill post some videos and screenshots of this later today:)

See you!

THIS week

Hey everyone! So I finally will apply for some funding to now hire people to work on Binary Sparks! Im half-way through the preincubator at Drivhuset, and I already applied to their Summer Bootcamp. I will do some open playtest for everyone in Skåne that's interested, more info about this will come later!

I also met my mentor from Tarsier Studios, and he gave me invaluable feedback and thoughts on how to improve the puzzle design of the game!

Stay tuned!

See ya! 

laser reflection finally working!

pitch session today!

Today I pitched my game at Drivhuset, Malmö University for the second time! Now it's to get people to join the startup! 

team members to be hired!


Hi! Finding a work is not going great, so after some time I've decided again to now hire some more team members and look for funding and investment through all different contacts Ive gathered the last year. Im still in the preincubator of Drivhuset at my University, and there Ill get a mentor from Tarsier Studios.

Ill start looking for people now and later in the summer when Ive got more budget, and then the fullversion development of the game will slowly start.

What we need to do first though, is to run some more tests and to get the general understanding of the game mechanic and also some design feedback to really validate the new graphics and design of the game.

With all these tests and feedback covered, we will start designing new levels and work on more puzzle objects, which will be the first iteration of some new levels.

The fullversion has no release date yet, but expect it around 2020. Some things I want to try to develop is a level editor system and an optional VR mode!

Im not sure what will happen to my other project Jeometry (earlier Shapes), Im very sorry for this! 

Stay tuned!

b.o.b updated!

two new levels

Hi! The plan for now is still to continue to work on the design and details of the game before finding team members and start developing the fullversion as said before. BUT, as a final demo will come some time around the start of the fullversion development, I decided to implement two very new levels, so that the very final demo will have eight levels instead of six. Here are some screenshots of level 8. (See earlier screenshots for level 7)

Stay tuned! 

main mechanic: color shift simplified!

level 7 sneak peek!

some freelancing

Im happy to announce that I will work as LEVEL DESIGNER for Dark Night Studio and his game Escape from Earth! This is a simple 3D model of the main character, made by one of his team mates!

Check out this game indie developer here:



More trippyness!! More fractals! And some lava ofcourse :D 

new titlescreen

New titlescreen in progress! Again Im only continuing to work on the graphics for now, the fullverison will be later! Also updates will come mostly on saturdays as usual from now on.


new computer models

New COMPUTER models for #BinarySparks

The DESIGN BOOST continues from all feedback and thoughts. To clarify once more, Ill continue to work on graphics and mechanics, but NOT the fullversion. Again, the development of the fullversion is delayed 6-12 months due to lack of budget.

#indiegamedev #puzzleplatformer #trippy #indiegame

more artsy updates

Connecting plugs, changed to electric spheres!

more about the delay of binary sparks fullversion

invaluable feedback

Today I visited the game company MidnightHub and got invaluable feedback from their very experienced art director, regarding Binary Sparks. As already stated we’ve just started to redo the mechanics and design to focus the game’s direction more, and when it comes to my art style he had alot of ideas how to break them down color, style and coherency whise, so not to distract the player from the actual interactive puzzle objects and elements.

It was really informative and inspiring how color theory, context and style does matter and how you can use it. What is still a challenge for us, which already discovered in the beginning of the design boost demo (which we also started to redo style and mechanics), many of the art and gameplay style and layout was very incoherent and distracting, something that stemed from the experiment this game started out as.

There is still a long way to go for us since we never believed Binary Sparks would become such a big project, and therefore the break of the teamwork - based stuff in this project that I talked about has very good timing.

Before I start working with eventual level designers and programmers I will have the time to fix up and foucs the direction and coherency of the game even more. Everything to make the puzzle elements have the biggest focus and to make the player understand directly what to do or with what.

I will plan some external testing for anyone interested to understand the overall user experience and understanding of the puzzles of the game.

Thanks again for your awesome help!

I will do a video talking about more of this in the weekend as well as talking about more of the planned break.

Thanks for reading

new level in the works!!

OK I admit it, I couldn't wait anymore!  New level in the works!

#indiegamedev #gamedev #BinarySparks

crash patch up!

After many days of hard work I finally succeeded in breaking the strange crashes. 

A new patch is up now up (Design Demo 1.1): 


Im doing a STREAM tonight 08.00 PM revealing some SECRETS of the future of Binary Sparks! 



post-demo bug fixing

Some people experience some D3D11 and GameThread error crashes in the new demo of Binary Sparks. Im ofcourse fixing this straight away.

Im really sorry for this we did bug test a lot this time.

But as usual, Im always prepared to fix stuff after a Demo release, and since this demo was changed so much in core mechanics it's almost another BETA Im afraid!

Once again sorry for this inconvinience, Ill update more tomorrow!

design boost demo released!


Absorb elements. Shift colors!

Welcome back to the multiverse! 



#indiegame #puzzleplatformer #BinarySparks

new demo tomorrow!

Hi! Tomorrow IS THE BIG DAY! Another demo of Binary Sparks will be released!

Alot of things has been fixed in this new version, mostly the entire design and mechanics! 

I do have some small collision errors now but Ill fix them straight away

See you tomorrow!

#BinarySparks #puzzleplatformer #indiegamedev

4 days left until demo (and new thorns!)

design boost demo - trailer

Binary Sparks - Design Boost Demo - TRAILER:


1. Main mechanic is now COLOR SHIFT rather than dimension shift. Shift colors to interact with objects of different colors

2. Absorb elements, rather than using boxes and buttons for only ONE Specific hazard. 

3. Loading screen time decreased

4. New materials, trippy surroundings

5. Two NEW easter eggs! 

6.Bug fixes

Stay tuned for the release!

TRailer coming today!

Hi! Most of the bugs or problems in the new demo of Binary Sparks seems to be fixed! We're still bug testing hard though! A trailer will come up later TODAY!

8 DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE NEW DEMO! Stay tuned for the release 15th February!

#indiegamedev #puzzleplatformer #BinarySparks

bug testing in action!

Hi! Sorry for not updating yesterday, I just moved to a new apartment. We're now bugtesting the Design Boost Demo, coming up 15 february! We are currently experiencing some packaging problems but it should be resolved in some day.

A new trailer will come up next week!

Stay tuned for more!

#Indiegamedev #BinarySparks

global game jam 2018 (malmö jams too)

I attended in this years Global Game Jam, at the local event Malmlö Jams Too. It was very fun and social, got to meet a lot of new people and all of the devs were so talented and creative. The theme for this years jag was Transmission and my group did a social interactive experience, more like an experiment without real gameplay. 

Here's a video I put together from the event, showing some of the people and games:

consider supporting us on patreon

With your support, we can continue to develop #BinarySparks!  Thank you so much for supporting us, paterons! Means the world to us!

#patreon #patreons #indiegamedev 


all screenshots from the upcoming design boost demo!

Screenshots from the upcoming demo of #BinarySparks


more lights!

More lights! All new screenshots and trailer of the NEW demo coming up next week! Stay tuned!

strip lights created!

Finally succeeded in making proper strip lights!! Using Point lights without square root based falloff made it!

Absorb water to take out fires!

new demo 15 february!


Hello! Lots of things going on still, but I have now set the release date of the DESIGN BOOST DEMO! Since we have remade lots of the design and mechanics, releasing it in the end of January will force me to make another BETA release since we changed so much in the game. 

To avoid this, I will push the release two weeks later, until 15 February 2018. This will make us able to bug test and to NOT release another buggy BETA. 

This is also because Im looking for an apartment and job so I will have to take these extra two weeks!

Join me 28 January 08.00 PM on twitch for more info  (and an exlusive first look on the new demo)



Stay tuned!

dev stream back 28 january!

Hi! Hope you all had a nice christmas and a happy new year! I have had a great time! I have alot to do this 

january but I will be back with a stream again 28 January 08.00 PM CEST!

And ofcourse, the new Design Boost Demo of Binary Sparks will come some time around 28:e January as well!

Hope to see you soon!

design boost demo almost complete!

Hi! Sorry for not updating yesterday as usual. I had some strange problems with the engine, which seems to be fixed now. The new design demo (will be numbered 3.0) is almost finished, but as I want to bug test it alot, I will as usual make much time for this. The new demo should be avaliable in the end of January though at latest. 

This demo will also sadly be the last demo until the project break/delay that I talked about. I think it's good because I figured I still haven't got a full understanding of the complex engine that is Unreal, so hiring more people when theres time and money will make the overall quality better. I do still have bottlenecks as well, and Ill do what I can on these for this demo, but this is also something I need the right competences to do properly. 

A trailer will come up soon!  And ofcourse Ill stream again tonight on Twitch 08.00 PM CEST as usual! 

In the meantime, here's a screenshot from my test level

Ill not work much over the christmas hollidays, but some update might come after new year!

Take care and merry christmas!

more about the delay - video:

binary sparks fullversion delayed!

Hi! Boring news, the implementation of the fullversion together with my team mates will be DELAYED 6-12 months, since Ive just taken my bachelor's degree from Malmö University and Im now looking for full-time jobs.  Small updates might come now and then but don't expect much from the project now. 

I really want this project to succeed and becoming one of the best experiences for you guys out there, and this is hard to accomplish with lack of economy. If I delay it and save it till later, I will be able to work more serious and full-time with the project, and starting up my own company which also will make me able to pay my team mates much better, which also will result in better quality for Binary Sparks. 

The new DESIGN BOOST DEMO will come soon as promised though!

I will explain more on my TWITCH STREAM, sunday 9/12 - 08.00 PM CEST:


I might work on my other project a little bit (which I can work on myself for "free"):



Thanks for your understanding!


#Suprise! A NEW #DEMO!? Already? Yes, a new demo showing off the new #PUZZLE #DESIGN ENHANCEMENT coming soon! #Release date #TBA

Imagine what a little phong can do for reflections!!

binary sparks - design enhancement

Im doing enhancements and improvements of the puzzle design of Binary Sparks, which I might have already said! Many objects and elements were linear and could only be used in one way! So now Im working on a main mechanic and so that objects can be used in many different ways!

Wanna know more? Join me in todays Development stream 08.00 PM CEST on Twitch and Instagram:



See you!

tencent game competition results coming soon!

This month the result from the #tencent game competition in Shanghai will come! Wish #BinarySparks good luck!!


no stream sunday 26 nov

No stream today 26 Nov, on Twitch! I will be busy today! Next stream will be next sunday again!

Sorry! Thanks

new single (Video)

new single and trippy stuff!

NEW SINGLE from the upcoming fullversion of Binary Sparks! The video includes some nice new TRIPPY game objects as well!! Please check it out:






Today I will also be going to decrease the loading time between levels and cutscenes in the game!

As usual, I will be doing a development stream on Twitch Sunday 08.00 PM CEST! See you there!

Please say what you think:)


fractals in space!?

LIVE in two hours (08.00 PM CEST) with another Development Stream! 


Ive now started using the program #Apophysis to create some cool fractal elements that Ill use in the new version of Binary Sparks! Really recommend it!  

Check it out below!

development stream sunday 18 nov - twitch

Another #devstream tomorrow, sunday 18 Nov 08.00 PM CEST!

TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/ambercrowngames

More interesting color puzzles in development!

See you 

binary sparks - updates (12 / 11 - 2017)

Hi! Sorry for lack of udates its been really busy the last week. Im trying to get some swedish team mates for the development of the Binary Sparks - fullversion this spring!

Anyways, Im still working on the design enhancement, and you will need to use the dimension shift mechanic much much more and in many different ways now!

Im doing a #devstream on twitch and instagram 08.00 PM CEST Sunday 12 November.

You can watch it afterwards if you missed it!





ALSO: Lasers now have different colors to activate different switches!!

See you!

ghost train released! 

Ghost Train released! This game was my contribution for the AsylumJam2017 - Where you were supposed to do a horror game in 48 hours! Ghost Train is about an abandoned subway  system with possessed toys. 



#asylumjam 2017 - livestream

Ill be participating in #GameJolts #asylumjam2017  where Ill develop a short #horror game avoiding the old stereotypes of mental ilnesses etc.

Ill be #LIVE most of this time on #TWITCH starting friday around 09.00 PM CEST - to - SUNDAY 09.00 PM CEST!


Join me and get SCARED!

game accepted in shanghai

Hi everyone! Great news, my game #BinarySparks was accepted to be in the #tencent game competition in #Shanghai!  Wish me good luck! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

#indieGameDev #indieDev #puzzleplatformer #ambercrowngames #portal #china

logo creation progress continues

Hi! Just looked up logos and graphics design and according to most people (who also gave me feedback on my new logo), logos should be very simple, easy to read and remember, and its good to see what the company behind the logo does just by seing the logo.

I have asked some graphics designer to do some different logotypes so Ill likely have some different now and Ill choose from any of these!

So youll see some different logos and Ill decide to use the best!

Here’s what I got so far! This logo is made by @Chris Hildenbrand

funding application sent in

Hello everyone! Now I've sent in the application for funding to Drivhuset Malmö! Now well just wait and see what the next step will be! 

I have made a detailed project plan for the fullversion development of #BinarySparks together with my new team mates. 

I also got contacted by Skåne China Consulting and Weihua Shao about investing in my company. With her amazing help I will have my game at a game competition in Shanghai! Really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

I also made a NEW LOGO which Ill post here!

Streaming will be back on Twitch as usual Sunday 08.00 PM CEST, and I will be streaming some of my early games!



Take care!

more news coming soon!