november 2018

30/11 - new mechanics prototype in progress!

New mechanics prototype and character in progress!

Stay tuned!

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24/11 - current state of binary sparks

Hello dear followers! We havent worked as much as expected since some of us now deals with personal matters, but as the CEO Ive decided to move forward with one of our design system ideas, which means a quick whitebox prototype will be tested internally very soon.

I want to aim at having briefly similar visuals but with more coherency. Apart from the new detailed game design system, you will still recognize the visuals of the Binary Sparks that youre used to, at least when it comes to the environment.

We still hope to have a new demo some time in january/february.

Regards, Robin Andblom

15/11 - devstreams back 2019

We will be back with #development #streams in 2019!!

We have leveled up our twitch settings, layout and UI!

First stream date coming later!

15/11 - more updates next week

Sorry for the lack of updates on the development state of #BinarySparks. We will update more next week on the state of the project. Thanks for the patience

#indiedev #indeigame #gamedev #puzzleplatformer #puzzlegame #scifi

1/11 - entrepreneur of the week!

The most amazing business developers made us a shoutout <3 Thanks Drivhuset Malmö


Ambercrown Games is an indie game startup looking to develop innovative puzzle games with focus on philosophy and existential questions. 🤯💡✨

They are currently in the design phase of Binary Sparks, a puzzle game about using elements and the environment to your advantage.

Robin the CEO has been on quite a journey with us: "Drivhuset has helped us alot in everything from how to market, build a team, branding, budgeting to important mentoring about how to actually start your own business. I have been taking mentoring sessions, learnt the importance of all other work apart from coding when it comes to game development, such as marketing, community building and QA. There is much work to do besides the actual game in itself. Without Drivhuset we wouldn't be where we are today!"

1/11 - level prototype resources

Just bought some blocks and pawns for level design prototyping