March 2019

30/3 - chapter one base environment finished

Now finally the base environment is finished for the first demo level of #onemoreexperiment_game

What will happen next is to fix more bugs, replace some placeholders, and write the first chapter of the story!


Stay tuned!

23/3 - fire switch mechanic

18/3 - fire & water mechanics (Gifs)

16/3 - playtesting and environment update

We're working hard on playtesting and bug fixing.

We're also expanding on the visuals of #onemoreexperiment_game

Here are some screenshots of the updated environment! We hope to have a demo ready in early summer!

Stay tuned!

8/3 - more people in the new project

Great news! We now have more people in the following fields:

* Game / Level Design

* Story / Narrative Design

* Programming

* Voice Acting

Let's rock this shit! Also here's the official first logo draft for the alpha demo