january 2019

29/01 - 2019 - first stream coming up!

Saturday 2 FEB 07.00 PM CEST (19.00) I will stream Global Game Jam games from Sweden!

Join me at: https://www.twitch.tv/ambercrown_games

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27/01 - 2019 - global game jam 2019 (2)

Keepsake. Robin and others entry for #Globalgamejam2019

As your homeship is about to explode, you have to leave it and flee in an escape pod. You can only bring a few items, but which ones should you pack? You can only carry a limited amount, and you are not sure what you will need out there. Depending on what you brought, you'll be presented with different memories and options. Explore a branched narrative and discover where your path leads you.


26/01 - 2019 - Global game jam 2019

Our CEO was at the #GlobalGameJam2019 in Malmö and made an amazing choose-your-own adventure game.

Here are a video of the sponsors of the jam

21/01 - 2019 - rebranding in process

#BinarySparks might be rebranded in a new name as so much will change in the game.

What do you think of these news? Comment below!

No date set for the upcoming demo!

19/01 - 2019 - not many updates for a while

We might not update that much the coming months, we're still in the prototype phase, and there will not be much to show until later. We need to postpone the new demo too. We must validate and test the new design and game mechanics fully. #BinarySparks #indiegamedev #puzzlegame

04/01 - 2019 - New titlescreen in progress!

What will happen next?

* Discussions with our concept artist

* Decide visual and style of 3D assets

* Test prototype

* Replace placeholder meshes

* Test and release new demo