about us

our current team

Robin Andblom - Project Management, Game Design, 3D Art

Viktor Lindvall - Game Design, Narrative Design, Level Design, Playtest

Francisco ParreƱo - Level Design

Pablo Sanchez - Programming

Johan Lundqvist - Concept Art

Jorge Sanchez - 3D Art

Matt Bowers - Music Production

Lizzy Hofe - Voice Actor, Andrea

Rishi Mahansaria - Playtest

Ryan Olah - Playtest

Emilia Lindholm - Playtest

Special thanks:

Drivhuset - Business Development

MINC - Events & contacts

Game Habitat - Events & contacts

Game startup developing puzzle games with focus on philosophy. Now we're working on the puzzler #onemoreexperiment_game @ambercrowngames - on social medias